Toyota Prado 150 series Now available in 3D Maxtrac Rubber series

28/12/2020 12:00AM 0 Comment(s)

All new Toyota Land cruiser Prado 150 2013 - 2021 3D Maxtrac Black Rubber Mats

These stylish patented mats will save you hours of work keeping your car clean, while keeping your carpets looking like new.

Increase the resale value of your Prado 150 with our custom moulded 3D Mats.

The unique 3D shape catches dirt and spills from entering your car's carpet flooring. The patented "hook" style Maxpider backing grips to the carpet to prevent the mat slipping around in the car. Providing 100% safety! 

  • Easy to clean - Just remove and shake off. 
  • Pressure washable
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to remove, shake out clean and put back in the car.
  • Moulded snug fit
  • Comfort underfoot 
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