3D Mats Comparison Test

29/10/2019 12:00AM



TruFit ensures every set of mats are tested not just for a great fit, but safe to use no matter your needs. We make the top surface from hard wearing TPR rubber thats strong enough to resist from scatching but can still grip to your shoes unlike other plactic floor liners on the market.

Our patented Maxpider backing to make sure it grips to the carpet, keeping the mat covering the area without sliding as you get into your vehicle.

Water Proof top & bottom! Doesnt matter if you have our Rubber or CARPET series of 3D mats, we have designed them to be pressure washable and fully waterproof. 

Fully ADR approved for use in Australia. Being an Australian manufacturer, we ensure all of our products meets the high design standards of this Country. Only using quality materials, TruFit 3D Mats dont change or deform over time as well as meeting fire regualtions, because the last thing we want is for our customers to get hot under feet.