About 3D mats

3D mats are a new way of protecting your vehicles interior and reducing the amount of time required for cleaning. The unique patented non slip backing mean the mats will stay firmly in place until you wish to remove them for cleaning.

3D mats are perfectly moulded to shape for each specific vehicle.


Available in complete sets, front and rear. Third row mats for 7 seaters, and cargo/boot mats are also available. Please see our Models available page.


3D mats will catch spills and mess, preventing a lengthy clean-up of your car.

Simply remove mat and wash clean.

washing 3D mat

3D mats are a multi patented design, with the unique Maxpider back gripping onto the carpet underneath – no more slipping and bunching like inferior cut carpet mats.

Close-up of the patented “Maxpider” backing, helps prevent slipping, but wont damage carpet like other hook and loop style fasteners.